Circle Voting

Cast the Right Vote

To cast every vote wisely, listen to your circles — those you know and trust — not media fluff or campaign ads. Choose the best ideas and vote accordingly.

Help Others Do the Same

Share your voting plans as much as you can, whether with a circle of close friends or the public. They'll benefit from your research. And you'll build support for causes that matter to you.

Counter Money in Politics

Join a wave of smarter, more connected voters. Peer-to-peer voter education neutralizes expensive advertising and helps you hold your politicians accountable.

Reward Great Ideas, Not Deep Pockets

Money gravitates toward political candidates with pro-business policies, making it difficult for champions of transparency and reform to get media exposure and compete with expensive campaign advertising. Circle Voting seeks to alter this flow of money and power with a grassroots approach to spreading information about candidates and issues. Independent and nonpartisan, our websites give a stronger voice to more informed voters by helping them bring out the votes of their friends.

What We've Built

VoteSF: SF's Grassroots Voter Guide

With opinions from over 500 San Franciscans, our guide to the 2011 Municipal Election featured more voices than any other.

Our humorous Twitter-based endorsement board showcases our style: fast, engaging and visually rich.

Circle Voting 2010

Our most comprehensive social ballot website covered every federal and statewide race in the 2010 Congressional Election.

Who We Are

Murray Edelman

A Distinguished Survey Research Scholar at Rutgers, Murray has had a 35-year career as a researcher on elections and public opinion. For over a decade he directed exit poll operations for CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN and the Associated Press. Murray is a past president of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and a board member of the Roper Center for Public Opinion. He holds a PhD from the University of Chicago.

Jesse Sanford

Jesse is a Ruby and JavaScript developer. Before Circle Voting, he was Director of Web Development for Beezwax and earned his chops working for NOW Legal Defense, Money Media and the Republic of Estonia. He holds degrees from Columbia and Berkeley, where he is working on a PhD in cultural anthropology.

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